Trade Binder 6/2/2011

I have a crap ton more commons if anyone is looking for a common of a card I use for all my pricings Wants: Thunder Nyan Nyan (any language, perfered with cleavage) Six Samuria united (super) Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En Naturia barkion Grandmaster of the Six Samurai (secret) Solem Judgment (gold) Solem Warning Pschic nightmare Psychics from extreme victory) reptialanne (rares) six sam cards from extreme victory Deck Mats (red, white, Six Sam, or bleach mat) money Bleach stuff (anime/manga) I might take other stuff depending on the trade, just message me My team mate is yugiohGKsrule if u have what he want but don't want to trade him talk to me and i will trade for his wants as well.