This is not a question: This is a message to the anti-zodiac people.?

Asked: This is not a question: This is a message to the anti-zodiac people.?

I understand that you think Astrology is 'bs' and that's your opinion, but that doesn't give you the right to try force your opinions on others, some people believe in astrology and they don't want your hatefulness they want an answer to their questions: To be honest, I don't get why you people go around the horoscopes section insulting people who believe in astrology, when you don't believe in it and honestly shouldn't be in the horoscopes section anyway! I'm probably going to get bashed by anti-zodiac people who actually, know nothing about astrology. I believe in astrology because I, and everyone I know act JUST like their zodiac, some people don't believe in it just because their sun sign is inaccurate, in your chart (people who think their sun sign is inaccurate) there could be some very conflicting signs, like, you could be a Cancer sun and have a Capricorn moon, making you alot more serious and unemotional. You could also have lots more conflicting signs in your chart, making your sun sign inaccurate.
So, in conclusion, I want you people to stop bashing people just because you don't believe in astrology, lots of people do, and all you close-minded people need to accept that.

There. My rant is done. Feel free to throw your stupid insults at me.


Living in a free country means that you and I can criticize. That is what free speech is about. That includes magical thinking beliefs. Be it religion or other. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. Also I do my best not to get personal, there is simply no need. I stick to the subject and attack the argument, not the arguer. My Q & A is an open book from day one. Why don't you complain about the off topic questions? Tarot cards, palmistry, and psychic ability has nothing to do with horoscopes.

You do not make the rules here, Yahoo Answers does. Nowhere does it say you need to be pro-astrology to make a point. The evidence for any type of astrology is lacking. It does not pass testing and it is a discrimination of fate of birth. That should bother, instead that gets ignored. But you have "belief" which is always better than actually proving what your claim. Believers don't accept the burden of proof.

There are people that do not want their answers to be point of view speculations. Which is all that is offered here. I choose to live in an evidence based world. The difference between you and me is I require a lot of evidence before committing my belief. Give me enough and I will change my mind. You need very little and having belief means ignoring the possibility that you may be wrong.

It can also be something called self deception. That is why thing need to be tested before calling something factual. Science uses a 95% threshold to make a claim.

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I have been on the astro section of YA for years. Under many names. I have seen people come and go. I have met friends here. I have seen it all.
There is always people posting about astro being BS and belittling us for believing in it. Or people not helping, asking like they're the masters of astro, not giving the chances to new comers. Or people giving their 2 cents, or people saying questions should be in the dating section.
It's always been a problem and it will always be.


I agree. Thanks for posting it as a reminder. Sadly, things won't change 🙁

I agree. I have a lot of Aries and Sagittarius in my chart as well as a venus in pisces i think that this makes me more emotional and energetic than your typical aquarius.
Bravo! Well stated. Thank you for your rant, awesome!
🙂 nice!

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