The World Will Not End?

Asked: The World Will Not End?

I have had no dreams about it ending in the past month. Maybe about another Guy and… nvm.

I'm psychic so I know we're safe.


The world will end.
And it could be today.
another hoax by mankind trust no human
We're not. At last will we meet our savior Jesus Christ in heaven for an eternity of blessings!
– I'm an atheist, all this bullshit is tiring, could you stop, please 🙁
Only a few more hours until we don't have to see these questions anymore.
Well you should know, your Jesus. By the way, when was that rapture starting? Oh, and say hi to everyone up there for me, so that way if the world does end, i know I got you to back me up.
Goin' to the Roadhouse

Gonna have a re—-al

Good time

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