The Ghostening Pilot | Celebrate The Web | Team Something Cool #CTW6

A 12X5 web series about a team of two paranormal researchers as they miss everything (including the ghosts) along the way. The Ghostening is a comedic horror that takes the fun tropes of paranormal investigator shows — with confessionals, psychics, and, even sometimes ghosts — and throws all the rules out the window. Kate and Shane, our not-so intrepid investigators, investigate a haunting with equipment they "accidentally" stole from their employer Alchematrix and discover they know as little about ghost hunting as they do in their feelings for each other. Cast Kate Jenkins …… Elize Morgan Shane Wanamaker …… Mike Donis Zipper Hollingway …… Stephen Morgan Created and Written by Scott Albert and Elize Morgan Directed by Elize Morgan Post Production by Scott Albert Thanks to Celebrate the Web and Audiosocket for their help in this production. #CTW6