That’s so Raven – Saving Psychic Raven. S01E08 – (Part 2 of 3)

That's so Raven – Saving Psychic Raven. Season 01, Episode 08 – (Part 2 of 3) Raven is playing a volleyball game and misses a serve, because she had a vision that Chelsea broke her nail. The team looses and everyone is angry at Raven because they haven't lost a game in 27 years. It doesn't help Raven's self-esteem when Chelsea and Eddie make fun of her — repeatedly — about it. A girl from Jefferson, Carly, noticed the reason Raven missed the serve because she is also a psychic as well, telekinetic, and could tell by Raven's behavior.Carly told Raven about Dr. Slievemour's office for psychics so, Raven decides to go by the office and meets Dr. Slievemour and the other psychics that are there. Meanwhile, Cory wants Lionel to have a girlfriend and puts up an ad for girl rats to come over. Cory helps Lionel decide which rat to choose. Then, Raven hangs out with the psychics at the pizza place, instead of Chelsea and Eddie, using the excuse about wanting to see Lionel's wedding. While at the pizza place, Raven has a vision two people are mad, but is not clear on who it is. Chelsea and Eddie appear behind her, mad that she lied to them. Raven explains to them that she blew them off because they understand her situation from personal experience, and don't make fun of her. Eddie and Chelsea begin insulting the other psychics, calling them "freaks." Raven is appalled by them calling the other psychics that, and takes it personal. She desides to disband their friendship <b>…</b>

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