Teens: Do you believe in….?

Chilly Asked: Teens: Do you believe in….?

The Supernatural?
Super Humans? (people with abilities that normal people don't have)


f Answered:
Ghosts?- Yeah, Ive been called gifted…so i kinda can see ghosts if that makes sense
Aliens? -No…If theres no such thing as magic then why would there be aliens
Psychics?- Yeah I believ some people have those powers, but then agian only they know if its true
The Supernatural?- Yes
God?- I was raised catholic…now im an athiest but its for good reasons
Super Humans? (people with abilities that normal people don't have)- Nope
Love?- Yes

TatumG13 Answered:
To all of them: yes, I have no reason not to.Many members of my family have seen "ghosts" including my father who saw his uncle that he only saw in pictures.And why wouldn't aliens be something realistic. We only live in one galaxy, why is it so crazy to think that there are other planets that have life on them.And if there are and they are smarter than us, that would make sense that they have not made contact with us. Duh.

FFFUuuuuu Answered:
Ghosts? NO
Aliens? YES
Psychics? NO
The Supernatural? NO
God? YES
Super Humans? (people with abilities that normal people don't have) NO
Love? YES

Taylor Kogut Answered:
The only thing on that list that I believe in is love.

The Book of Plutonomy Answered:
Estoy en tu madre cocina.

Ahh I just got my period Answered:
Yes [some sort of life forms, anyway]
To a point

Lindsey Brennan Answered:
Ghost? – Not like those Ghosts that go "BOO!" but yes, spirits.

Aliens? – Haha not like 3-eyed-4-legged-creatures but other life forms other than us yes
Psychics? – Yep because im weird like that

The Supernatural? – Isn't that the same thing as ghosts htough? O_o Hello, stupid Kelly. But isn't like..wait what?

God – Yep.

Super humans – Yep, contorcion. Did I spell that right? It's like when peoople can do these crazy stunts like put their feet on their head..the stuff you see on Americas Got Talent haha.

Love – DUH.

rrc Answered:
Yes, because I have seen a show about that on History Channel lmao
Yes, except that love hates me so much for no reason

Ry Answered:
Ghosts? YES
Aliens? YES
Psychics? NO
The Supernatural? YES
God? YES
Super Humans? (people with abilities that normal people don't have) YES
Love? YES

Megan Phillips Answered:
Most of these I'm on the fence about, as in, have to see it to believe it but I'll answer anyway.
Ghosts? No.
Aliens? Yes, it's crazy to think Earth is the only planet in the whole UNIVERSE that has life forms.
Psychics? Umm… no, not really. But maybe.
The supernatural? It seems unlikely. Maybe though.
God? No. I'm an athiest.
Super Humans? Yep
Love? Of course.

Just Another Infatuated Teenage Girl 3 Answered:

Karina Answered:
yes, all of the above…

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