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Which Pokemon Fire Red Team?

jl707 Asked: Which Pokemon Fire Red Team?

Hey there all, long time Pokemon fan. Was pretty bored one day and managed to snag a great deal on a Gameboy Advance (only payed $12) and pulled out Sapphire/Fire Red/Crystal. Right now I seem to be having trouble deciding between two teams for Fire Red. NOTE: YES I AM WILLING TO TRAIN FOR THE DRAGONITE!

Team #1:

Venasaur – Grass/Poison
Vaporeon – Water
Raichu/Electabuzz/Magneton? (can't decide) – Electric
Arcanine – Fire
Hypno – Psychic
Dragonite – Dragon

Team #2

Blastoise – Water
Jolteon – Electric
Arcanine – Fire
Dragonite – Dragon
Hypno – Psychic
Vileplume – Grass/Poison

I would've chosen team 2 no contest if I could have gotten a Bellossom, but I won't get a Sun Stone until after I beat the Elite Four, unless I'm mistaken. So what do you guys think, what should I choose? Dragonite and Arcanine are must keeps. Do what you wish with the rest of the team though. Feel free to include move set if you like, but I don't mind, I can do that myself.

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