Super Smash Bros Brawl Poll?

Daniel L Asked: Super Smash Bros Brawl Poll?

I was having this argument with my sister about Pikachu and Ness in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. We were playing brawl, and I was playing as Pikachu and I said, "Pikachu sucks." and she said, "What? You love Ness and they're basically the same character." I was surprised when she said that, so we started arguing, and I said, "I'll prove it to you." And she said "fine. Ness has two thunder attacks." I told her she was ridiculous.
We set a new match and she played as Ness, while I played as Pikachu. I told her to tell me in which way are they similar. She started to do "Psi magnet" and she exclaimed, "There!" And I said, "That's ness' psychic ability to sucks in projectiles and heal him." So I showed her and I proved it to her. She then used "PK thunder." She said that's exactly like Pikachu's "Thunder" ability. I told her that the only reason it's remotely similar is because both moves are electric. And she said "Yes, but it shoots out of them." She then told me to do "Thunder'' while she did "PK Thunder" and she said they're the same thing. I told her not at all because Ness can guide his thunder, and it's also a boost for Ness. She said that it's the same thing, and she stuck by her claim.
She then went on to say that Ness' "PK Thunder" is also just like Pikachu's standard special move, "Thunder Jolt." I told her that Pikachu's move is a projectile, which goes around the platform pikachu shoots it at, which is almost always the one right he's on, unless he shoots in the air. She told me I was dumb and she said it's just like Ness' "PK Thunder." I was astounded when she said this because I know she's just very stubborn and won't lighten up. She did say that "PK Thunder" was similar to Pikachu's final smash, and that's where I agreed with her. But that's the only way they're similar.

We then argued about Captain falcon and Ganondorf having the same moveset, and she disagreed. We then played as the two, I showed her the standard moves, which are the same, the down special moves, and the up special moves and she agreed they were very similar. She then said the side special moves are extremely different. I know they're not the exact same, but they're pretty damn similar.
She came to the "conclusion" that Pikachu and Ness are just as similar as Ganondorf and Captain Falcon. Can I have a third party weigh in on this please?


All Star Answered:
well ganondorf moves ARE the same as Captain Falcons moveset but there are a FEW differents that sets them apart is that the B special (the punch) on falcon is faster and while ganondorf is much slower yet really powerful and requires timing to connect it to make a one hit ko if your opponet has a high damage %. the up special on falcon goes up faster and higher while the other is shorter. remember the lightest one is faster than heavy ones ( a perfect example is the captain falcon and ganondorf movesets.) the last 2 however they do use electric base attacks (mainly pikachu) but nothing big there because ness uses PK base attacks and pikachu uses only electric base attacks

Daniel Answered:
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