Super Hero Names; An Easy Ten Points?

BlueApple Asked: Super Hero Names; An Easy Ten Points?

Come up with three super hero names for these powers:
Concepsheon- really smart and witty; has super strength and the ability of flight
Darian- bubbly personality, can walk through walls and transport herself from one room to the next
Rebecca- Psychic with a pessimistic sort of outlook (though not always) and is also able to fly.
It's a bonus if you can also come up with color ideas for the costumes and an idea for a group name.


Drizzle Answered:
Oh this will be super funn!
1) Concepshon – Brainiac, Mister Science, The Brain, A.I. (artificial intelligence–you could make him a cyborg (or gave a robotic arm or soemthing and give him this name–maybe from an experiment gone wrong?)
2) Darian – Miss transparent, sweet miss see-through, Miss-conception (hahaha get it?)
3) Rebecca – Miss WInd (she can fly so i guess it works) Miss telepathic (scientific term for being able to read minds) Sweet Misses Phy.
There costumes should match–My colour choice would be Red–maybe each could wear a different shade? Dont forget the blindfolds!
And a group name–hhmmm—- Red cloaks (it has all their initials in it too!) Red avengers, Unstoppables (their theme song too!!)
hope I helped (((:

TotalImmortal Answered:
Concepsheon – Cranium
Darian – Ghost Walker
Rebecca – good luck with this one lol

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