Sun signs (psychics I need your help please.)?

Jennifer Hernandez Asked: Sun signs (psychics I need your help please.)?

I drew out my tarot deck (which i haven't done for some-time.) and asked my spirital guide to help me..I asked (why is someone spreading rumors.)

I got, aquatic deck 1. queen of wands, (reversed.)
2. night of wands 3. six of wands (victory.) reversed. 4. page of swords, when reversed
5. seven of wands (valor.)

I even pulled out my talking board, and asked these quentions. 1. Is it a man or a woman-answer man. 2. Why is he spreading rumors?-answers jealus 3. Do i know him?-yes 4. Why is he jealus- it spelled Happy and then spelled love. After that it said goodbye..

I don't get it why would this person be jealus of me? what can i do to stop the rumors and set things right between us? because i feel i have the right to know.


Starry Pluto Answered:
He feel of lesser value and basis his feelings/self-esteem off of how you relate and feel about him. He is manifesting this energy into spreading rumors about you since he can not attack you directly. Your reading urges you to approach this situation with class and "valor". Do not go down to his level. If you think you know who it is, which is seems you do, then I would take a time to talk with him directly, but not confrontational (you don't want to add fuel to the fire of someone who is emotionally weak to begin with. They don't take stuff like this well, even when they are wrong). He is the Page of Sword (lesser than the King). He is weak and confused. The Night of wands is his alter ego. He doesn't know what happiness and love feel like and he can feel that energy off of you.

Again you need to really approach him in a good way (maybe practice before hand) and talk to him about what is going on. Tell him things like I would he heart broken if I knew that someone was spreading nasty rumors about me just b/c they were mad at me for something I didn't even know I did. Don't' directly blame him, but try to coax it out of him.

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