Sniper ghost warrior 2?

Asked: Sniper ghost warrior 2?

One of the worst FPS to date and there's a lot this game was pulled back three times to perfect it and its still a complete mess enemies are still psychic and even on easy difficulty it's a one hit kill as soon as you fire a shot even silenced the AI are on you and the alert never goes away meaning the AI won't relax until they find you and all you have in CQC is a silenced pistol also the checkpoints are a disgrace I knew there was a reason the game was so cheap btw I rented this predicted bargain bin in a month


I have been on the astro section of YA for years. Under many names. I have seen people come and go. I have met friends here. I have seen it all.
There is always people posting about astro being BS and belittling us for believing in it. Or people not helping, asking like they're the masters of astro, not giving the chances to new comers. Or people giving their 2 cents, or people saying questions should be in the dating section.
It's always been a problem and it will always be.


I agree. Thanks for posting it as a reminder. Sadly, things won't change 🙁

I agree. I have a lot of Aries and Sagittarius in my chart as well as a venus in pisces i think that this makes me more emotional and energetic than your typical aquarius.
Bravo! Well stated. Thank you for your rant, awesome!
🙂 nice!

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