Should i keep my black onyx stones ?

Asked: Should i keep my black onyx stones ?

Hey i just wanna know the difference between a strong and a weak Saturn now the reason why I'm asking this question is because in bought some black onyx stones and the reason why i bought them is because i was going through a period where i was experiencing some major problems dealing with fear i was in a tremendous state of fear it was so bad it was so bad that it may have been a state of psychic attack so i did some research and i found one way of getting rid of fear or possible psychic attack is to get black onyx stones and keep them on your person so it can protect you and calm any fear you have and so i brought some and i have been feeling better since then. Now however what i did not know was how the stones are associated with the planet Saturn and how it can only help you if you have a strong Saturn and i don't know if i have a weak or a strong Saturn or not. Like is a person with a strong Saturn a person like me who would need black onyx stones for emotional, grounding, and warding off negative forces that try to attack them or is that a person with a weak Saturn. Basically what I'm trying to say is, if a person who is considered to already have stable emotions, grounding, and strong spirit someone with a weak Saturn, and if a person who is weak hearted and easy to attack and would need black onyx stones for there psychic protection someone with a strong Saturn. Or is it vice versa someone answer this question for me cause i don't know to much about the strength of the planet Saturn . Cause those stones calmed me down a whole lot


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