She thinks she is psychic. What to do?

michael971 Asked: She thinks she is psychic. What to do?

I have a female friend age 45 who believes she can read people's minds, communicate with animals. really into "The secret"by Rhonda Byrne. believes in the metaphysical properties of minerals. She may have a borderline personality disorder, and has issues of depression. She's on Zoloft and Risperodone. I am not sure what to say when she talks about her psychic abilities. I usually ignore it, but it creeps me out


Maylinda Answered:
Maybe she is, but however, if it creeps you out tell her you don't want to know anything about that and to avoid those topics

Autumn Hanna Answered:
ask her to read your mind, and when she does, say " no actually i was thinking how fake you were"
hahah and then walk away from her

How to save a life Answered:
Loads of people are into that sort of thing but she could be delusional, in which case it is impossible to "talk her out" of anything she believes. I assuume that because she is on meds, she'll be having treatment? Theyt'll probably be aware of this behaviour and are probs doing their best to treat her if they feel its a problem. However, if you really think that it is extraordinary behaviour and think she needs it sorting, perhaps you should talk to her psych?

All the best 🙂 x

Joy Answered:
Blimey!Tell her the truth of course. Not that you don't believe in that just say that you are not comfortable around all that so can she please talk about something else when she's with you. If you need to clarify say that it makes you uncomfortable to think about these issues as you don't really believe in all that.

Hard to tell if she's got BPD or not – maybe she has but usually they don't get antipsychotics like Risperdal for that or unless it's a very small dose to keep her from getting too anxious.

Good luck and hold onto your friendship in other ways.

Muffin Answered:
It's just her choice of life, i wouldn't meddle or anything, everyone has flaws, no worries!! 😀 😀

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