Sensing a presence, but know one is there?

Asked: Sensing a presence, but know one is there?

For years now I've had this feeling. I've told no one, because people already think i'm crazy and faking things..
Anyways it happens when I'm alone, no one is awake or here.
I suddenly stop hearing things and then that feeling disappears and it gets colder. In between those moments I feel a figure or person standing behind me, I look back nothing there.
What could this be?

Something I even can sense a person coming in before they've even walked in the room and they try to sneak up on me. (So they walk quietly, don't talk, make no sound at all…but I can still sense them.)

IS it a ghost or just a hallucination?
I will tell you this I have a connection to psychics.
My family has experienced things like psychics do alot.


Stephen Answered:
Don't think much of it. Every once in a great while I feel that way. Its nothing.

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