Sandy Hounsell – Connect to your Soul Meditation Gold Coast 10 Dec 2011

Watch Sandy as she guide everyone through a meditation on the 10 December 2012. This is a deeply healing meditation best listened to with your eyes closed and using headphones if available. We would love to hear from you and your own personal experience with this meditation so dont be shy to make a comment below. Sandy talks about her life: I am originally, from the UK, born into family of spiritualists. So I am familiar with and have worked with spirit and the metaphysical world all my life. Being psychic I was used to seeing spirit people who had passed over. I further developed clairvoyant skills through attending a spiritualist development circle learning the art of psychometry and psychic healing. I have studied, and continue to be wonderfully amazed at the magic of the universal consciousness and knowing that we are all spiritual beings. I moved to Australia in 1989. Founded Soulawaken in 2001. Studied Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression. Theta Healing, Intuitive Anatomy, Colour Healing, Reiki. Qualified Theta teacher of Theta Basic, Advanced, Theta Abundance, Crystal Therapy and held meditation classes. The science of the soul I am a soul psychologist specialising, in the healing of the human mind, emotions and the soul. By utilising my psychic and spiritual healing skills and working directly with the soul enables me to see and understand the root cause of a person's particular problem/s., whether they have their roots in childhood, ancestral or genetic <b>…</b>