R&P: Favorite remix albums?

RJ Asked: R&P: Favorite remix albums?

They don't have to be bound to rock and/or pop. Any genre is cool.

Anyways, my favorites are Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed, a Neon Indian remix album and Based Codeine Pt. 1, a Lil B remix album.

Mind Ctrl

Based Codeine

BQ: Do you think it's interesting what the remixer can do with the song they're remixing?
BQ2: Chillwave, yay or nay?


The Steel Panther Answered:
Limp Bizkits New Old Songs.

JW Answered:
I like Soulwax remixes.
Hmmm maybe Nite Versions

I also like MRSTRKRFT. Don't own any of his albums though

BQ: Yep
BQ: Don't know what that is

Hy Answered:
Hey RJ 🙂
Not a big fan of remix albums, but a favorite of mine was ['Jimmy Jazz' would be happy to know] Madonna's 'You Can Dance'

Wire and String Answered:
rl burnside- come inside

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