Really scary dream… Really scary?

Asked: Really scary dream… Really scary?

So a couple nights ago I had the most scariest and prophetic dream in my life. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I'm crying as I'm writing it, but here it goes:

Me, my aunt(who claims to be psychic idk if it's true), my brother and some other people i can't remember we're all in a state of panic in a room. I looked in a mirror and all types of mean evil names were written on my forehead, my brothers, and many others but not my aunts. I can remember one, it said "Kira" I looked it up and it means killer in Japanese. I would frantically wash the blood red letters off my forehead, but when I looked back in the mirror new words would be there. So my aunt is crying and I go talk to her. I tell her "Ive never really been a Christian" and she looks at me, says something I can't remember. (she still thinks I'm a faithful Christian, but I'm a pantheist). We go outside and see swat cars lined up down the street, and police come pounding at all the doors, but haven't come to our house yet. I look over to her and said "I guess this is really it this time." or something like that.

Please someone. I feel like something really huge is going to happen and I can't sleep thinking about this.


This sound like your feeling guilty of keeping secret of your religious beliefs. If your aunt is phsycic she may know already, does that make you nervous? I think the awful bloodwritten names are from fear of persecution. Like if everyone who ever judged you wrote their opinion on your face for the world to see. The cops raiding the neighborhood? Hmmm mabie this is a form of the day of judgement wgen akk will be called to stand before god? We all fear it in some way and perhaps you should get spiritual advice from the phsycic aunt of yours. If shes a true christian she should acxept you no matter what
my friend talk to your aunt and tell her the truth and how you feel she should understand and go to church speak to a priest about god bless you don't worry everything will be okay

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