Reaching out to Psychics – I really need some help….?

Dont Read This Asked: Reaching out to Psychics – I really need some help….?

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I'm 17 years old. I've been having a hard time at school, and at home (more so at school). I feel that nobody understands me, and that there are people in my life who are trying to hurt me. I feel that I can't trust no one, and I'm getting the feeling that everyone is against me. I'm trying to make people understand, but it's not enough (I feel that I can't express myself properly). I feel that everything that is happening, and what has happened, has drained me, and I'm finding it hard to stay strong. I feel constantly depressed, angry and frustrated, and I'm finding it hard to get out of this mess. I've been considering if it is a good idea for me to start over, but I'm finding it hard to let go.

Could someone please help me – I really need it right now? What do you think I should do? Does anyone out there sense anything about me or my life? Do I have to prepare myself for anything in the future? Any advice or/and support would be much appreciated.

This is my natal chart if it helps:


Emanuel Borgstrm Answered:
Psychics don't exist. That's your first problem – belief in the supernatural.

Blaise Rascal Answered:
I can see in my crystal ball that you will be scammed by a fake psychic in the near future. My advice is not to take life advice from strangers and to stop believing in psychics.

Trollolololol Answered:
I read your username.

Atheism Fails Again Answered:
Psychics? Really?Get yourself together.

Tell Me Why Answered:
Sweety I believe the BEST thing to do would be to pray. I know it may be hard for you right now.. but someone ALWAYS loves you.

Samuel Morphis Answered:
Psychics only tell you things that you already know, not very helpful.

Nvrgvup Answered:
Here's some good advice. Firstly, you are normal, everyone has these feelings. It's called life.
However, when we think of ourselves constantly, consult spiritualists, read tea leaves and charts, we are open to fear and depression.
The best way to get a good life is to focus on others, be a helper, a volunteer, and forget yourself.

Richard Lennox Answered:

Watch this video and see that it seems to know your thoughts

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