rate my pokemon white team?

Asked: rate my pokemon white team?

with pokemon black 2 and white 2 coming out i really want to finish this game quickly and put it to bed even though i love it right now i am working on my sixth gym badge and will be replacing one pokemon in my team for the dragon type axew when i get surf ok please keep in mind some of these pokemon i have traded for from friends from their games so please dont tell me hey you cannot get this pokemon in your first playthrough. i traded through a long chain of friends here we go

samurott lv 42- water pulse, razor shell, aqua jet, water pledge (will be replaced soon)

excadrill lv 42- earthquake, bulldoze, rock slide, swords dance

emolga (switching out for axew later) lvl 42 – shockwave, spark, acrobatics, elctroball

charizard lvl 43 (traded) – wing attack (switching for sky drop), dragon rage, blast burn, fire fang

meganium lvl 42 (traded) tackle, grass pledge, magical leaf, petal dance

reuniclus lvl 44- psywave, psyshock, psychic, dizzy punch

how would this team given a little more training fair against the elite 4 when its time?


It's not a bad team. You should try to get a dark Pokemon in there somewhere, such as Scrafty. Scrafty was a huge help in my fight with the Elite 4 because it's Dark/Fighting, which makes it almost immune to Caitlin's psychic and it had an advantage over Grimsley's dark. Other than that, you should be okay if you're switching out Emolga for Axew. Good luck!
Definitely teach Samurott some non-water moves. You can go to the move tutor and teach it Megahorn, which is super effective against Grass types. I would also suggest teaching it an ice-type move like Ice Beam. It'll be really helpful when you fight the last Gym leader.
Excadrill has some nice moves. Perhaps try teaching it a steel-type move because it partially steel-type.
I don't know what moves your Axew will have, but do let it keep Dragon Dance. It will be really slow before it evolves into Haxorus and dragon dance helps it increase its speed.
For Charizard, teach it Acrobats if you don't usually make it hold an item. It doubles the attack power when the user isn't holding an item. I honestly would prefer Fly over Sky Drop. If Charizard can learn it, replace Dragon Rage with Dragon Claw. I would also replace Blast Burn with Flamethrower. Blast Burn is a very powerful move but it has a small amount of PP and causes the user to rest one turn after its usage, which isn't too great. Flamethrower is pretty powerful and has three times the amount of PP.
Replace Tackle with something anything. I'm pretty sure Meganium can learn Body Slam, so that's a nicer replacement. If not, try teaching it something like Secret Power, which has 70 attack. If you want Meganium to have a self-healing move, teach it Synthesis or Giga Drain. Toxic might also be a good idea because Meganium isn't much of an attacker.
For the Reuniclus, teach it something non-Psychic like Focus Blast or Shadow Ball. Those are super effective against its weaknesses. Try to avoid physical attacks because i believe Reuniclus is more of a special attacker.
Your team should be at least level 48-ish to fight the Elite 4. However, being Level 50-55 would be ideal because the final fight will be tough and will involve at level 55 Pokemon.
Better fight a lot of Audinos 🙂
You should probably get a bug, fighting, or dark type Pokemon because the Elite 4 have Psychic, Fighting, Dark, and Ghost type pokemon

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