rate my pokemon white team and choose my 6th pokemon?

Rankurusu Asked: rate my pokemon white team and choose my 6th pokemon?

i need advice on which moves to use and also a sixth pokemon.

Lilligant (own tempo)
– Quiver dance
– Petal dance
– Sleep powder
– Leech seed

Cinccino (Technician)
-Tail slap
-Rock blast
-Wake-up slap

Beheeyem (Synchronize)

-Trick room
-Nasty plot
– ?

Chandelure (Flame body)

– ?
– ?
– ?
– ?

Mienshao ( Regenerator)

-Hi jump kick
– ?
– ?


xXcsmashXx Answered:
samurot for some water power

Bob Henry Answered:
leech seed
Ability: Prankster
with this ability you will outspeed almost anything
so you sub first
leech seed protect then toxic and protect and stall keep subbing
or replace protect with Cotton guard

Joy Answered:
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Muffin Answered:
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