Rate My Pokemon Team?

Cristian Asked: Rate My Pokemon Team?

Ive been playing this Emerald rom for a while now, and i am currently at the Elite Four but i cant decide what i should change about my team

Swampert Lv:47
Mud Shot, Surf, Dive, Ice Beam

Flygon Lv:45
Earthquake, Fly, Crunch, Dragonbreath

Cacturne Lv:47
Giga Drain, Needle Arm, Pin Missle, Faint Attack

Gardevoir Lv:45
Shock Wave, Psychic, Mimic, Calm Mind

Raichu Lv:45
Brick Break, Thunderbolt, Strength,(CHOOSE)

I am missing one last pokemon who i want to be a fire type.
In my pc box i have a Lv:46 Camerupt, a Lv:21 Ninetails( KNOWS FLAMETHROWER), and a Lv:31 Torkoal… who should i put


Erin Answered:
All looks great! I've beaten diamond white and just got heart gold! I would but ninetails just because I think it looks the coolest

Maurice Answered:
It depends on how much time you want to train your pokemon. It would take a while to train up a Ninetails to your current levels, so I would go for Camerupt if I were you; he knows some pretty good moves!

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