Rate my Pokemon team?

Asked: Rate my Pokemon team?

-Blastoise lvl 70
Hydro pump, surf, skullbash, ice beam
-Pidgeot lvl 68
Fly, arial ace, feather dance, steel wing
-Nidoking lvl 68
Earthquake, mega horn, rock slide, sludge bomb
-Magneton lvl 67
Lock on, zap cannon, thunder bolt, tri attack
-Arcanine lvl 66
Flamethrower, fire blast, extreme speed, double edge
-Exeggutor lvl 65
Solar beam, sunny day, psychic, egg bomb

I am open to move changes and reasonable Pokemon changes gen 3 only please and Pokemon I can get in fire red only and NO LEGENDARIES thanks


very Nice team, but I would change Nidoking out for a special attack one (like a psychic type). That would even it out a lot. Try Espeon. VERY STRONG

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