Rate my Pokemon Team?

Zeyad Issa Asked: Rate my Pokemon Team?

Dragonite: Adamant
Dragon Dance
Fire Punch

Electivire: Adamant
Thunder Punch
Brick Break
Ice punch

Magmortor: Modest
Hidden Power (grass)
Focus Blast

Milotic: Modest
Ice Beam

Lucario: Adamant
Bullet Puck
Close Combat
Stone Edge

Alakazam: Modest
Energy Ball
Shadow Ball

Tell me what you think and help me if there is an issue.


Zaib Texiwala Answered:
its a good team

Nobody Answered:
It looks like a good team but all you have are attackers. If you are playing in game, your team is great, but if you are playing online, get some walls or something besides sweepers.

Brandon M Answered:
It's a really good team, but it isn't a very defensive team.The natures are dominantly adamant on pokemon that are already quite powerful.I'd recommend putting some defensive natures or some defensive EV's on them if you haven't already.

DarkRula Answered:
A great team for damage and wide attacking.
But you have too many moves of the same type over too many pokemon.

Dutchy1996 Answered:
I would give it a: 8/10

You should really try getting some rares or legends, if you do, I might give it a 11/10.

Please help me to:

IceManVIII Answered:
u should add some more walls to ur team. Also change electivire's thunder punch for wild charge, and ice punch for fire punch. Also give it a life orb. This covers almost every type and all weaknesses. The life orb ensures that he'll KO most pokemon with one attack.

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