Rate my pokemon team?

Ciaran Rooney Asked: Rate my pokemon team?

porygon-z lv. 100

zap cannon
nasty plot
dark pulse

Dusknoir (shiny) lv. 100

shadow punch
hidden power (fighting)
thunder punch

Electivire lv. 100

focus blast

Ninetales (shiny) lv.100

Hidden power (electric)
flame charge
sunny day

dragonite lv. 100

draco meteor

rhyperior (shiny) lv. 97

hidden power (dragon)
horn drill
chip away



ewon jung Answered:
Thunder and hurricane are a waste of time due to their low accuracy. and unless you do something to assist that porygon-z the same goes for zap cannon.and your Rhyperior should have earthquake…..and if ur dragonite has 3 special attack moves..why does it know an attack move?….it cant do well if its EV trained for both attack and special attack and not speed or any defense….

Sameh Answered:
10 out of 10

Kay Answered:
I just have to say I know your a hacker (or more likely a liar) so don't worry, you have 3/10. Edit: You do realize a Dragonite's Sp. Attack can't get near that high, don't you? Sorry, I don't have a Deoxys.

Brian Bower Answered:
I don't know any Spells, but potions are right up my allie.

2 Parts Vodka
4 Parts Soda
250 Mgs Rohypnol
Shaken for 90 seconds over a bed of ice

Once the potion has taken effect, you are ready to go.

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