Rate My Pokemon Emerald In-Game Team?

Bob Huett Asked: Rate My Pokemon Emerald In-Game Team?

I have my team for a play through of Emerald, and I needed to see what people thought of it.

Swampert – Earthquake, Surf, Protect, Rest.

Ninjask – Fury Cutter, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Slash.

Minun – Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Quick Attack.

Torkoal – Body Slam, Flamethrower, Curse, Toxic.

Cradily – Giga Drain, Rock Slide, Ingrain, Confuse Ray.

Girafarig – Psychic, Crunch, Return, Shadow Ball.

My goal with this team is to use not very good and underused pokemon and see if I can beat the game.What do you think?


Ryan Khim Answered:

Zim Answered:
Oh u had a wondelfull tean and i think u can beat them easiley..

Patrick Answered:
i think you need to change protect and rest because if you will use rest your swampert must have at least 150 life and change ninjask becouse it is a weak pokemon.change minun and when you are going at the pokemon league try capture requaza

Forever Alone Answered:
Good team, but replace Surf with Muddy Water, it doesn't hurt teamates.

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