rate my pokemon black team?

Peter Griffin Asked: rate my pokemon black team?

My team is the follow:

leaf blade
giga drain


air slash

flame charge
wild charge

dragon claw
dig crunch

brick break
hi jump kick

Rate it to 0/10 please

If you think that are errors in the team or in the moveset please inform me !

PS Sorry if i misspeled a word or two or if i construct the phrases bad cause im portuguese and i don t dominate english very well

BQ- could you give tips for my pokemon white team? if you could i would be very grateful


Ronnie Levinson Answered:
I would rate it 6/10. First, you might want to get rid of simipour and swoobat. The elemental monkeys suck, and there aren't really a great pool of water types, but I would suggest either carracosta, which is the cover fossil in the desert, or jellicent, which it's pre-evolved form can be found surfing. And swoobat, I would suggest replacing it with sigilyph, which I would find a good solid flying-psychic type.

You might not want both scrafty and krookodile. Other than hi jump kick, krookodile can learn all of scrafty's moveset right now. Keep brick break and teach it earthquake, and it'll be unstoppable.

So now you have Serperior, a water type, Sigilyph, Krookodile, Zebstrika, and one more slot open. If you don't go with Jellicent for your water type, I would strongly recommend getting a Litwick in the Celestial Tower. It is pretty weak until it evoles into its final form, Chandelure, which is an insane special sweeper. If you went with Jellicent, I don't really know. If you're looking for a physical sweeper, go with darmanitan, which is a good fire type with insane attack.

If you do all of that, you'll have a good team that I think would conquer anything.

Katherine Answered:
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Art Vandelay Answered:
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inteleyes Answered:
We are all psychic to some degree, especially as our aspects, abilities differ because we are all individuals.

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Shredder7 Answered:
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Shenaynay Answered:
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Vincent G Answered:
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j Answered:
Some sources:

Ethical ESP, Ann Ree Colton
Understanding Yourself, Mark Prophet
Man's Psychic Life, Omraam Aivanhov

Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

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