Rate my pokemon Black Team?

Scott C Asked: Rate my pokemon Black Team?

They are currently on level 60.They are going to Changelle the Elite Four rematch.What Level should i evolve Lampent.They are going to be trained to level 78
Tell me what you think about this team.what movesets should i change and what too.
Galvantula Compoundeyes: Bug buzz, Energy ball, Discharge, Electro ball
Lampent Flame body: Psychic, Overheat, Energy ball, shadow ball
Seismitoad Posion Touch: Earthquake, Surf, Posion jab, Drain punch
Zweilous Hustle: Crunch, Body slam, Dragon Pulse, Work up
Ferrothorn Iron Bards: Power whip, Bulldoze, iron head, Ingrain
Sawk Inner Focus: Bulk up, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Close Combat


SB Answered:
I would suggest evolving your lampent as soon as possible, providing you do not teach it anymore moves. This is so that its stats will greatly benefit it. The rest of your team seem great to me apart from Zweilous. If I am correct this is the pre evolved form of hydreigon? It is more physical based than special. Because of this I would reccomend that you swap dragon pulse for dragon tail maybe? or dragon claw if it can learn it by TM or move tutor.

Also seeing as Sawk is a decent physical attacker, i would use it as a revenge killer. So get rid of brick break for Retaliate, which would do more damage if a previous team member has died the turn before. As close combat will be your main attacking move. Apart from that I think your team should work well together at level 78!

Nice job and good luck!

Miss Futurewriter Answered:
Galvantula: This guy's Compoundeyes are great for Thunder, so you should include that, because it'll up Thunder to 91% accuracy. Everything else on him looks pretty good.

Lampent: Hmmm…are you going to teach it more moves? I'd say replace Overheat with Flamethrower, because Overheat makes your Special Attack, and that's Lampent's best stat. If you want to teach it something like Pain Split, then don't evolve it until Level 70 or so. However, if not, then evolve it right away to Chandelure. It is a monster for special attack!

Seismitoad: Great! It looks good.

Zweilous: It evolves in 4 levels, so I urge you to train it first, so it'll become beastly Hydreigon. Hydreigon's special attack is MASSIVE so keep Dragon Pulse. But Zweilous's attack is higher (as the person before me said) so Audino-train it quick 4 more levels, and it'll be good. 🙂

Ferrothorn: Ooh, I've never had one, so this is hard…but I DO love Iron Barbs. Anyway, Ferrothorn is a physical attacker and a "defenser" so I think your moves are good. 🙂 However, don't you think you need a grass move that is more efficient (As in more PP and more than 85 accuracy)? Your choice.

Sawk: Hmm, it's good. Stone Edge for flying types, and Bulk Up because its defense isn't as great as Throh's and saves your defense after close combat. Good.

I think it's a good team, and well made. At level 78 they should be hard to beat. 🙂

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