Rate my fire red pokemon teams for me?

Asked: Rate my fire red pokemon teams for me?

My Main Team:
Level 87 Zapdos – Drill Peck, Shock Wave, Thunder, Charge
Level 83 Mewtwo – Swift, Recover, Safeguard, Psychic (Some better moves for him would be good)
Level 90 Blastoise – Hydro Pump, Bite, Earthquake, Return
Level 43 Gyarados – Surf, Hydro Pump, Bite, Waterfall (Mainly used as a TM holder)
Level 57 Articuno – Fly, Hail, Blizzard, Ice Beam
Last Pokemon I rotate a lot, depending on what I want to train. Any suggestions? Also include moves if possible. I was thinking on just using my Level 53 Heracross – Brick Break, Reversal, Mega horn, Counter. I have access to almost every gen 1 Pokemon for this character but not on my other team.

My Non-Legendary Team:
Level 66 Jolteon – Double Kick, Shock Wave, Thunder, Shadow Ball
Level 55 Dodrio – Drill Peck, Fly, Tri Attack, Steel Wing
Level 55 Dragonite – Thunder Wave, Blizzard, Dragon Claw, Surf
Level 51 Lapras – Waterfall, Ice Beam, Thunder, Strength
Level 57 Blastoise – Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Surf, Return
Level 44 Kadabra – Recover, Future Sight, Disable, Psychic (Some better moves for Kadabra would be good as well)

Also taking suggestions for this team. My first team can beat the 2ND elite four without any items even without a last Pokemon, and my second team has beaten the elite four twice (I think). Please note I cant use trades and don't suggest something like Starmie which is unavailable to Fire red.


pretty epic you have some talent dude i would give your main team a 9 out of 10 and your non-legendary team a 7 out of 10
i would take out articuno and gyrados and put in dragonite and heracross! it will help balance out your types more! hope this helped 🙂
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