Ralts Error Pokemon Card?

Quinn Sahai Asked: Ralts Error Pokemon Card?

I have a Ralts Pokemon card from the EX Delta Species pack (number 81/113) that has no HP, and the Psychic-type symbol is a little lighter-colored than usual. I'm pretty sure that it is not fake, being that I got it in a pack I bought from Wal-Mart or Target or somewhere like that. Can anyone tell me if this card has value? Or if it is a common thing? Thank you!


Cention Answered:
Ok:) its a good team but the level of pokemon's u have is very weak! Except zapdos geovani is gonna destroy ur zapdos bcoz he has rock and ground:) 1-train your charmeleon to charizard ASAP
pikachu-train it moves r gud
jigglypuf- no prob good moves its defense is good and will grow after it evolves:)
pidgeotto please make evolve its move's has to be changed take sand attack to aerial ace..
try catching articuno very helpful its south of koga's gym u have to surf there i hope u have surf hm go to safari zone and get it:)u get it after u win the safari zone:).

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