Question about psychic/tarot readers and my relationship situatio/n?

Asked: Question about psychic/tarot readers and my relationship situatio/n?

I went and saw an in person psychic today for the first time and she asked for a price range and I said $50, she gave me a tarot reading which usually costs $65 but I guess she felt generous. Anyway she asked my first name only, told me to place my palms on the tarot deck and think of 1 wish and 1 question and to keep the wish a secret. After I cut the deck a few times and cut it in 3's then picked one. She asked my question which was if I was going to be able to take care of myself financially in the future so my mom doesn't have to worry and she laid the cards out.

Everything she said was very specific, and I couldn't sense any generality whatsoever which was what I intended on looking for. She said I'm very healthy but have a stomach problem (I have a stomach hernia, it doesn't cause discomfort so I couldn't of directed her attention to it specifically). she brought up my mom will always worry about me but I need to worry about her because she has somebody in her life that's nice but manipulative and likes to use pity to get what he wants. My mom's boyfriend uses all his health problems as excuses for the things he does, the woman also said she feels its not a real relationship but more her taking care of him…this is exactly true even though I barely gave her any information on the subject. and lastly I asked about the situation with my ex, that's all I asked and she said it seems I hadnt given the relationship much attention due to past experiences before her and that I didn't let that go yet. Truth is a dated a girl for 5 years and we broke up 3 years ago, I still carried some baggage into my last relationship that kept me from putting full effort into it. she also said that we will get back together and will be by the summer but to give her time because she's confused and has a lot to think about. The thing is, I had chatted with an online psychic who said the same thing about my ex and did an email reading that also said the same thing.

So based on how I couldn't find any generality in what she was coming out telling me (nothing was inaccurate, and nothing was off even by a little) should I assume that perhaps me and my ex will reconcile even if it doesn't seem like we will?


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