QUestion about Psychic Feel Zone?

darky08 Asked: QUestion about Psychic Feel Zone?

Psychic Feel Zone allows you to return from your removed to play zone to the graveyard, 1 tuner monster and 1 non-tuner monster whose level is equal to a synchro psychic monster from your extra deck and special summon that very monster

My question is: Once you special summon that synchro monster and it goes to the graveyard, Are you allow to special summon it from the graveyard with monster reborn or some other effect ( since it wasnt properly synchro summon first)
Ive heard all this combos with 2 Overmind Archifiend Using free zone to special summon one of those and then use its effect to remove the overmind archifiend already in your graveyard so that everytime he dies you he will always come back, but if one of them was summoned with psychic feel zone? is that even possible? (again since it wasnt synchro summoned first?


Timothy Answered:
What you're doing there is actually exploiting a slight loop hole in the rules. A monster that was not synchro summoned correctly cannot be special summoned from the graveyard. You're special summoning from remove from play instead.

Remove from play cards are basically just treated a little differently for rulings like that which is why you can pull it off (for now at least.)

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