Psychics, Will he contact me?

Andie Asked: Psychics, Will he contact me?

I met somebody on holiday & we had a holiday romance. He told me he'd Facebook me but it's been 2 days and he hasn't. Please tell me if he will ;( And if so, when?


Racer Answered:
My Crystal Ball say's "yes"……but my Eight Ball say's "no"………… like, are you serious?You think some numnuts up here is going to tell you if he'll contact you or not?It's been 2 days… give him time.Also, that's what "holiday romance" is……..once, and most likely, never again.

Iwao Hazuki Answered:
The celestial stars point to no.

He will contact you tomorrow at exactly 0900 hours.

Phobee Answered:
Tomorrow at O Dark Thirty.

Elizabeth Answered:
Give him more than two days….. Duh.

Joel Momma Answered:
I cant get a good reading from either of my balls, havnt shaved in a while.

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