Psychics, what do you see for my future?

Cissy M Asked: Psychics, what do you see for my future?

We are psychics, not magicians. Give is a clue.


your great granpa Answered:
Someday you will die.I've never been wrong.

Of course, it doesn't take a psychic to know that.Good thing, to, because there aren't any psychics.

eri Answered:
stock up on heavy metals gold and silver. america is going bust. save up water and food that should last for 6-8 months. when economy collapse dollars will be useless. live sustainably where 80% of your food is grown by you. have sugar and salt for barter for they will be hard to come by. there will a another earthquake in September 9 also some how i saw a red truck not sure what that means but it was there also there will be a secret revealed to all that will leave some embarrassed thats what i see.

hope this helps.

I see ups and downs, troubles and love. You feel at times you just want to get up and run far away, but I do see loving times coming your way.
inteleyes Answered:
I see that your future will be much brighter if you stop believing in utter nonsense like psychics.
Flint Answered:
How fascinating that all of your 'abilities' are untestable, and we'd have to just take you at your word that you have them.

It's good that you decided to follow God, no matter what path you take, but at the same time I see no difference between what you have described and a dream state.

j Answered:
get some help. see a doctor

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