Am i pregnat? I have all the symptoms! I have PCOS and have been ttc for 18months now with no luck! I have been on clomid (Fertility drug) With no luck. I just took my last round on the 17th Aug for 5days and then got in to baby making mode! I am expecting my period in 4days but have had no period signs like i normaly do about a week before i get it. I have been feeling sick (spewy) for the last 5 days at almost bang on at 1:30pm after lunch. I have been dizzy almost to the point when i feel like im going to faint. I have had fluttering feeling in my lower tummy that i have never felt before (yes i no it wont be a baby moving as it will be way to early) Ive been tierd and stroppy. So please help me 🙂 And if im not when will i be 🙂 Thank you


B Answered:
I only clicked on the question because I thought "Finally! Someone who spelled 'psychics' correctly."

Christian Sceptic Answered:
Just go get a pregnancy test. Much more accurate.

Evangeline L Answered:
nice spelling.

Amir Answered:
Love, psychics are the biggest frauds out there.

Buy a piss-stick. It'll do a better job telling you than any so called 'psychic' on the internet will.

There's a huge possibility you're not pregnant, but you just think you are. When someone thinks they're sick, they start subconsciously sneezing and getting nauseous. When someone thinks they'repregnant, they might start feeling awkward movement in their bellies or start getting headaches. Our brains are insane, bro.

So I mean, the piss-stick's your best bet at this.

I wish you luck on getting this kid. 🙂

Christy Answered:
*shakes the 8-ball*

You are pregnant, it's not your husband's.It's an alien baby, they'll be back to pick it up in about 5 months. Also, when the take the baby, it's going to throw your hormones for a loop, and you'll then be able to join the circus as the bearded lady. This might be a good career move, but it's kind of hazy.

DCV Titan Answered:
I predict that you will find out when you to go the store to pick up one of those over the counter early pregnancy tests.

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