Psychics please answer?

Melanie Lowe Asked: Psychics please answer?

Ok I know you psychics out there don't have to answer this, but it would be greatly appreciated. What career would be the best for me? And why? And for all you non believers its ok for you not to believe in this, but I do. So please keep your criticism to yourself.


Halo Answered:
Elephant poo picker upper.

and jew dont know Answered:
You already know the answer to your question. List the things you like to do and see if they match up with a profession.

blue chaos so nlq Answered:
satan/demons try this. satan/demons have been around since the beginning so they know much about family, friends and others. Psychics use demons to tell them things like this. A demon will tell them to tell you something like this: 'your mom will call you in two days'. And then to make this happen demons go to your mom's house in two days and whisper until she calls you. Demons just manipulated your mom to call you, but you think the psychic is something. Well they are evil and use evil to do and/or influence things to keep you from God.
Do not invite evil into your life or that of others.

krazyabouthim Answered:
a physicist… you will see why

Angry Atheist Grrr Answered:
Psychics really do need physical contact to read. Seriously how are they meant to pick you out of the millions of people on this earth. I know a few who can do it by phone, but those are rare.

Plan 9 Answered:
Something regarding fishes.

Northern Pediigreed Answered:
Hmm… Depends on ur personality, and what u did/do while going through school. Plus what u love to do. But, if u can't decide and REALLY want to know from a psychic, I'd have to meet u and see ur hand lol.

Becca White Answered:
You don't need some "palm reader" to tell you what to do.

Krad Answered:
You will be a transvestite named Moe working the streets for tricks

Misu Answered:
Better be a nun to help the poor and the needy.

Emmanuel Answered:
Nursing or physical therapy.

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