psychics help with this ex boyfriend wont take no for an answer?

love Asked: psychics help with this ex boyfriend wont take no for an answer?

i told him we needed to break up . [i wont go into details] he isa Leo im a Taurus, he keeps saying i care about you , i dont want to lose the friendship with you . why is he pushing this? does he want only sex?whats the deal with him?


Dj 2w0 Answered:
He's doing it because he doesn't want to see you with someone else

John Kratzke Answered:
Your team is wonderful for regular play. If you are looking to do player vs. player, though, you might want to look into making a few minor adjustments!

Venasaur's, Strength should be replaced with Sleep Powder for sleep and slam tactics.
I suggest for Lapras to replace Surf with Sing and Ice Beam with Blizzard. Blizzard has a better damage output for its accuracy.
Arcanine should have Dig replaced with Hyper Beam or Giga Impact.
Dragonite needs Sword Dance in place of Outrage or Fly.
Snorlax traditionally has been too slow for player vs. player because many people use speedy pokemon with hard hits to "sweep" your team. I would suggest a Ninjask with Sword Dance and Baton Pass to pass high hitting to Dragonite.
Your Mr. Mime has an interesting set up and I don't know what exactly to do with it. It has function in your team with many elements covered, but you might want to replace it with an electric pokemon that knows Surf. Raichu or Pikachu would work wonderfully!

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