Psychic’s help to find iPod?

Samantha Asked: Psychic’s help to find iPod?

Lost iPod in my room, flung up the sheets on the left hand side of my bed. Thinking it went in the closet, or slid somewhere. I heard it hit the floor, but I have no idea where to look. Desperate here.


Sydney Answered:
retrace your steps and think were you had it…… think deeply… you know. it could be right in front of you^.^

Cham Answered:
I guess your room is in a mess clean your room and you'll fine it

Olive Sorceress Answered:
If you heard it hit the floor, that's where you start.Get a flashlight and get down on your hands and knees.While you're down there pick up all the stuff you have strewn about.

JarFillsme Answered:
Under Desk, Bed, Closet, Anything it could get under.

On bottum shelf of a book case.

bella Answered:
oh no!

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