psychics and tarot readers. would you please help me interpret the following love reading?

Asked: psychics and tarot readers. would you please help me interpret the following love reading?

celtic cross. yes. i was thinking of that guy i asked in previous question. but the question was about love, in general. as to what will happen in my love life in the months ahead.

1. the devil. the situation
2. the world. crossing card 1. adding it more power or opposing card 1.
3. strength. underlying situation or past event. (distant past)
4. empress. recent past.
5. 10 cups (reversed). best outcome
6. 3 cups. near future
7. ace of wands. present or internal situations.
8. 2 of pentacles. event to come or external situation.
9. 10 of swords (reversed). fears and hopes.
10. 7 of swords. outcome
extra card 11. 2 of swords.
extra card 12. justice


i interpret it all as bullshit
No extras in the celtic cross layout. If this was real cards, then you ought to be able to interpret it yourself. If not, then don`t bother.
Did you know that it was only recently that people started to believe tarot cards are magical? Their original purpose was for playing games.
Yikes I'm no professional but I didn't get the best vibe from all those swords. Here I how I take it possibly:
The devil: temptation, control, sex. Perhaps a passionate affair or romance but to be careful, one partner may be controlling or have addictive tendencies.
The world I see as endings and beginnings, so you may end or start a love relationship.
You may be coming from a time of difficulty, where you've been patient and emotionally/mentally strong and the empress, either yourself or another woman, maybe even a mom was part of the situation. I don't see much happiness with the 10 of cups reversed. So whatever happened in the past may have left you unhappy however I see friendship for you in the future And the beginning of projects or relationships. Possibly career. You will have to make a choice between 2 options or people and you will fear choosing the wrong one or failing. I see the outcome as a lot of work and possible deception. Keep on your toes. You may get into a relationship which may not be all that you hoped for or thought and so will take time to withdraw (2 of swords) think and rebalance yourself (justice), however you will be fine and things will turn out as they're meant to.

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