Psychics and Mediums: Kathy Messenger RUPI (The Paranormal Guide Australia)

This video is different from our other videos in that it is not a quick story but a rather long piece showing some behind the scenes at an investigation. In late March Paul and Ash travelled to Renmark, South Australia to meet up with the local investigation team; RUPI Riverland Unexplained Paranormal Investigators. While there we were invited to record one of RUPI's sessions at the towns original purpose built morgue. We have put the audio, video, photos and ovilus readouts together for you so you can see and feel what took place. If you feel that you see, hear or sense something potentially paranormal taking place please comment with the timecode and what it is you experienced. To check out RUPI on Facebook: http Producers of real paranormal investigation, ghost, urban legend and research videos from Australia exclusive to this channel.

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