Psychic Static Electric Shocks?

Asked: Psychic Static Electric Shocks?

This may sound a bit strange…
I have always been a bit intuitive but lately (its Spring in Australia – so it shouldnt be from cold and dry) for the past few weeks i have been getting static electric shocks off EVERYTHING! cans of food bags of chips tubs of ice cream my dog my cat my glass dining table door handles my car… its actually quiet a strong shock that i am recieving and i have had a few nose bleeds does anyone know what could be causing this???
Help please!!


yes, I have heard about this. Something to do with concrete needing to be grounded. I read about a supermarket that had this same problem. It wasn't paranormal. The people who laid the foundation didn't ground it. I don't recall the details, I just remember reading about it a couple of years ago. But some equipment was causing a charge to build up on the concrete foundation, and everytime anyone touched anything metal in the building they would get a shock. Apparently, the company that laid the foundation didn't do it correctly.

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