Psychic said I will never have a successful relationship?

MissDior Asked: Psychic said I will never have a successful relationship?

I've been getting psychic reading for over 3 years but a few psychics have told me I will never have a good relationship or rather a relationship that will last..Im a beautiful girl with everything going for myself.Should I believe these psychics???


Darcy Answered:
Psychic's are a hoax…

Isnt she lovely Answered:
No!!! I wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've gotten readings too and sometimes they guess accurately but they really don't know anything. Don't believe them.

priv828 Answered:
why are you paying people to invent your future? pay me, I'll make as much sh*t up about you as you like….I'll even make it good.

jacensolo9 Answered:
Psychics get their information from Satan, and Satan wants to make you unhappy, so he tells them things that will make you unhappy.

No. You shouldn't believe psychics. They are speakers for the devil.

playgroundlove Answered:
Your odds of being told that a few times are high if you've been going to psychics for 3 years. Your odds of being told anything and everything about reationships are high because being a young woman and obviously interested in having a good relationship, that's what they'd focus on.

So I do not think it has any merit to it. These psychics could be anyone and you do not know where they are getting their information from… their own heads, making it up? the spiritual realm? demons? who freakin knows. Live your life!

Soul Answered:
No, you can't let another person determine your fate. Psychic or not.

SherryF Answered:
No. Stop going and trust in yourself more. You can have a successful relationship if you want it to happen.

babe Answered:
Some believe some do not.Your the one who controls your fate not the psychic.They will tell you anythingfor what you pay them.My daughter believes in them I do not.

ErinLynn Answered:
Please….read what you just wrote. Enough said.

Rick Answered:
No and don't let others decide your life for you.I'm not trying to be harsh but I have no faith in psychics.They get almost all of what they tell a person from how the person replies to their 'predictions'.The remainder comes from a person's appearance.Take charge of your life and take it where you want it to go, including relationships that last.

justlisa72 Answered:
psychics can tell you what they believe your future is going to be, but, you still have free will to choose for yourself how things go and how they do not.. for example, if you smoke, a psychic can tell you if you don't quit smoking you will probably die of cancer one day, well smoking can and will cause a person to die of cancer, but that doesn't mean that you can't quit smoking hence changing what could happen in to something completely different. soooo, look at your past relationships, what went wrong? what part did you play in them falling apart? what kinds of people were you with? did you choose the wrong kinds of people to be with? i you can figure out what causes the problems in your past relationships, then you can correct it and hence change future relationships.. it's all in your control…you control your future and own destiny, not the psychics.

Sandy Answered:
Sweetie, stop spending your money on psychic readings.It is all a sham.Anybody who was truly psychic would be leaping for an ability to claim the James Randi Educational Foundation $1 million prize. Honestly, if somebody is telling you that you will never have a successful relationship, you may just want to take a step back, look at yourself, and try to figure out WHY.It doesn't take a psychic to see reasons relationships fail, and it only takes a good cold reader to make you believe they know things that in reality, you provided them.

I could read your tarot for you for free, but whether or not you choose to trust in the cards is all a matter of your mind and faith.I believe that most psychics who are out there for money do not truly believe what they are doing; they are simply sucking money from people they know are in need of advice, and that is wrong.

LeopardLady Answered:
Psychics are just people who charge you to have them tell you their assumptions and guesses.

For example, my sister went to a psychic a few yrs ago and he told her that she 'Could Never' have kids. Well, the next time that she slept with her bf, Poof! she's pregnant. Surprise, surprise! The guy obviously didn't know diddly squat!

Quit looking to those clowns and rely on yourself to decide your future

Thatshim Answered:
if 50% of the people get divorced then these psychics are playing the odds. half of them could be right.
I wouldnt pay em for this kind of advice, you knew that already. If they told you the opposite you might not believe them either.

Will Nickel Answered:
They're underhandedly hoping you'll get interested in them.Here's my psychic advice: you will find someone and will enjoy a decades-long loving relationship – but you won't find that person until you're in your late twenties because you'll be careful whom you go out with.

Chocolate Boricua Answered:
Don't believe the hype.

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