Psychic Reading Request?

Chenoa Asked: Psychic Reading Request?

I know, there are a billion and one requests just like mine on here already. So I'm sorry for adding another! But if there are any psychics on here with some free time and are willing to help give me insight on a few specific timeline oriented questions I really need answers to…. I would love if you could share your insights with me regarding my specified questions if you could answer them via yahoo messenger oryahoo mail…refused to put my questions on here to get them ridiculed and crucified for no reason.

Love and blessings


Kali Topoma Answered:
Psychics aren't real, sorry. They trick you into subtly revealing information about yourself without you realizing it, and then they use that information to make up predictions that sound real but aren't, and are really general and can apply to a million different situations.

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