Psychic reaction or just a coincidence?

chloe Asked: Psychic reaction or just a coincidence?

Lately i've been having these things that are confusing me.
I'm a bit of dreamer so i always think beyond points but now it's getting a tad weird.

The stand out moments are
1: The one direction tickets were all sold i tried so hard entering every competition but i never won but someone i knew i was going to get the tickets. So my uncle was on tv talking about 1D and won tickets
2: It was my birthday and i overthinked to seeing my crush at my house or something butended up actually saw him riding his skateboard on the streets


Naguru Answered:
I think both.
jaxs Answered:
What is weird about it , develop your sense of INTUITION.
I do not think these events occured because you thought about them a lot , maybe your mind was just trying to get the message through to your conscious.: )
Be more conscious of your thoughts, its easier than staying in a dreamer kind of a state, 'stuff' may tend to happen more often if you just let it flow…

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