Psychic question, misplaced something?

Lyle Asked: Psychic question, misplaced something?

I can't find my wallet. It's black leather, with the design of a Nintendo Gameboy on the front. Some fives and plastic in there, somewthere inside my house.

Thanks in advance psychics!


The Phantom Schticky Answered:
Here… hold my chicken bones and Ouija board whilst I consult my magic crystal ball and jingle my indoor wind chimes.

I see, I see a wallet.It's black, and really geeky looking.Hmmm… no condoms have ever been taken out of this wallet, correct?I'm getting something here… this wallet has never been dropped on a girl's bedroom floor.Yes, definitely a connection.You got this wallet as a gift, a gift from someone you've met before… and you're going to lose that person in the future.The spirits are telling me something…

Try looking between the couch cushions.

Now since I'm a true psychic, you've already signed the 'for entertainment purposes' waiver and handed over twenty bucks.Have a nice day, and may the spirit world smile upon you.

Karen Answered:
A psychic can't help you over the internet. You're better off retracing your steps. Where did you last see it?
Wascally Wabbit Answered:
It's in your freezer..

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