psychic mind games with my parents and money?

Yaroslav Asked: psychic mind games with my parents and money?

let me say some stuff bout me so u will nowat im asking okokso im 16and i hav a job the past week my mom lost like 20 bucks she asked my dad and my broand both said no and it seems tru she didnt ask me cuz she thinks i took itso now she is like wathcing me closlybut at the same time not makin it obvious lol so my question is how can i get my mom back and how can i prove it to her that i didnt take it lol cuzif anything happens evryoneassumes its me all the time lol i wood like more then one answer lol thanks


tarot Answered:
Yes they do, there are many different kinds based on each ones ability. Truthfully everyone is psychic but not everyone acknowledges it for that. Some call it gut instinct, some women's intuition, some will say no way against my religion it's God answering me. Well yes it is and my abilities come from that higher power above, God. The ones that throw verse at you saying it is evil, well what is also not stated is all the positive psychic things in the bible as well. Everything in life can be evil it depends on what one does with it. Good and evil is in ALL things. And we know what the bible says about casting stones as well.

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