Psychic Mediums could someone help get in touch with my mother?

Lou ann Montgomery Asked: Psychic Mediums could someone help get in touch with my mother?

I need to hear from my mother very much I miss her dearly.need to know if she is ok,and that i love her


Bongernet Answered:
No, because 'psychic mediums' aren't real.

Jack Knoff Answered:

I sense your mother in the room, her name starts with P…. or J…. no wait… maybe S or K.

She died before her time and….. likes Funyuns.

Animals As Leaders Answered:
Well she's not ok cause shes dead.Only joking can you ever imagine what it would be like to be in a deep sleep, no pain no memory no hatred, no love no nothing.I think that's pretty awesome.

JLMomma Answered:
A lot of girls are attracted to a boy with baggage.It's the maternal instinct.We want to fix them rescue them with our love and teach them how to be whole again.Unfortunately it almost never works out for the best.

vivek axxo Answered:
bcoz the gangsta attitude appeals for girls coz they show of masculinity and the dont care nature may bring you out of your worries and depression …finally girls do like bad boys

iloveall Answered:
you appear to be adventurous. The guy may be alright, but you have seen something attractive in his behaviour so it might be acceptable.

laogoagen Answered:
well im a borderline psychic and i say he's not
but you shouldn't date your teachers
your too suggestive, you should send me money

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