psychic help and please no rude comments it would be appreciated thank you?

Derek B Asked: psychic help and please no rude comments it would be appreciated thank you?

ok im not 100% sure but i just get the feeling that some things will happen, or i will think about it happening and usually in like a few seconds to a few minutes, maybe longer it will happen. my most common one is my phone il just pick it up and right then it rings and i would say about 80% i pick it up this happens. but i usually subconsciously pick it up. im wondering am i like a subconscious psychic or just really lucky haha, and are there any ways to train the ability.


Eat My Santorum Answered:
are you retarded or something?

Guy Fawkes Answered:
I hear Hogwarts has a good divination program, but I'm not sure of any training you could get locally:(

DreamsCatcher Answered:
Stop giving out your phone number to everyone you meet.

Morpheus Answered:
I was humming a song once, and then I turned the radio on and it was playing that song!zOMG psychic powers!!!11!1!

wisecrack Answered:
Such a trained ability will become a curse for your life.better not aspire for it.

Dancing Bear Answered:
Wow, you are psychic, you knew I wanted to make a rude comment.
What was I going to say ?
I forgot.

Peetr Peetr Answered:
I would say it is possible. Honestly I think every human being has psychic abilities. Although the normal persons abilities are called intuition, only when is it above normal does it become psychic. That is really only something you can decide. I think a good test would be next time you get a "feeling" try to guess what it is and really pay attention to the energy of the feeling. If you guess right I would say your abilities are above normal.. so if you are psychic and want to train it try channeling in on every emotion you feel from yourself and other people and try to look deeper to see what it really means.

BrokenEye is an Awesome God Answered:
leik awesome leik charge people $100 for half an hour and read fortunes/

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