psychic ability? I can predict the future?

kevcash15 Asked: psychic ability? I can predict the future?

ok, I think I may have a pyschic ability, a couple years started. Like I would be thinking about something, and then it would happen, and I would be like oh thats strange. It started happening more I decided to research if there was a way to control this…and actually I have a way. if someone wants me to predict the future, all I do is like close my eyes, clear my mind, usually my eyelids will flicker while I do this…and then when I open my eyes..I will get the reading..its almost like a voice in my head or a vision, you could call it…but I really don't react with spirits and stuff like that..I can't predict the lottery, or know who is calling when the phone rings..its not like that..I can use this when I want to, and not use it when I don't want to…can anyone tell me what this is?


sublime Answered:
Well then,

and you should be able to fill in the middle, since you know what I was going to say.

This happens to me alot, I think it's just a strange series of deja-vus.

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