Psychic abilities or just imagination?

James Asked: Psychic abilities or just imagination?

Okay, so basically a little while ago i started feeling really weird like in a way that i dont know how to describe.ANyways i listened to this track thing that supposedly awakens your psychic abilities.Now lately i've been picking up on this low buzzing sound when im in a crowded room.Also, i often find myself in a trance.I will be in class taking notes, and suddenly it's the end of the period and i look down and i have every note written down, and i know everything we learned, i just dont remeber learning it.3 things have happened recently have really freaked me out.1: I was hanging out with some friends when i just picked up my phone and went "hey mom".My friends looked at me like "wtf" and then 2 seconds later my mom called.another thing is that i was talking to my friend in the hallway and i hear him go "i wonder if she likes me, too?" when i looked up and saw him looking at a girl.I asked him what he meant by that and he said that he didnt say anything.I doubt he would have considering we were in a full crowded hallway and she was right next to him.Lastly i heard a voice say "You shall be punished",THis REALLY freaked me out, and the next day i went home sick vomiting blood.I was diagnosed with a Peptic Ulcer, and im only 13.Lastly, another thing that concerns me is that when i hear this low buzz, sometimes someone will just whisper something and it will feel like someone slammed my head against a wall.Any help? im kinda scared!!!!!!


Mosque Lady Answered:
this is your imagination
theAWESOMEartist Answered:
This is creapy

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