Psychic abilities can someone help me?

Asked: Psychic abilities can someone help me?

ever since i was a child i have always had weird dreams. There is a house that has been reappearing in my dreams ever since i was a child. Its an old concrete house with red roof, half of it has sunk into the ground from earthquake or something. I have never seen that house in my life but if i see it now i will know it. I keep seeing myself as a child standing outside this eerie house and just staring at it. I also dream telephone numbers, addresses, names faces of people i don't know. I have dreamed demons and Aliens. I even dream things people have said behind my back
when my ex was lying to me and cheated i went to bed one night and saw the entire thing played out in my dream i even saw the girl and i was right. I did not pay attention to it because as i say it has been happening since i was a toddler and i thought it was ok until i was telling my boyfriend that i dreamed an address and he was like whoa when i told him, he said it was abig deal he was like i have never heard that before. is that why i talk in my sleep? I don't know i feel like a freak now. I have even heard office gossip, found out who was setting me up at work, i have dreamt of a cafe in paris vividly and i have never been to paris. I feel a deep attachment to asian cultures and have lots of dejavu all the time, the last one was months ago where i was at dinner and heard a conversation from my guest before they said it and i screamed and no before anyone says it, i am not on drugs, i am no fanatic neither am i miss cleo. I am just concerned and wondering who i can talk to


LIfe can be full of mysteries and riddles that we encounter from time to time and it can be that we come across them at some point only to be able to solve them at a later point. Many individuals have these glimpses in their waking state as well as within the dreams state and they clearly do not make any sense but over time the mystery can unravel and the connections can be made. Many individuals experience what is referred to as precognition and this is a brief glimpse into a future event or occurrence and it is very much tied to our naturally occurring psychic abilities. It could be that your inner such abilities have surfaced periodically and you were uncertain of just it all meant to you. It is said that these abilities can come to us at times when there is significance to us and can enable us to use it to our benefit. They can also come to us as a warning or a fore warning in much the same way. I would write all your experiences down and try to correlate them the best way you can to certain events or occurrences in your life. It can be very much like connecting the dots with you in the middle of a mystery to be solved. Good luck and take care.

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